Changing Your History Channel

We each have a personal history story that, whether we are conscious of it or not, influences everything from our wellbeing to our beliefs about who we are to our perception of the world. Stories are an important part of who we are, and yet when we are overly attached to old narratives, it becomes difficult to step beyond our own limitations.

This website is designed to help you set aside and/or transform the way you tell your history and to consider new, refreshed ways of relating to your personal narrative.

I hope to provide you with the opportunity to view old stories in a new light, changing the way you perceive what has come before now. Remain curious and compassionate as you observe whatever arises.

Mindful Meditation and Inspirational Videos

Mindfulness is nonjudgemental awareness of your moment to moment experience. Meditation is being the overseer of your thoughts; just observing them without judgement. With the following meditations I hope to inspire you to nonjudgemental awareness of yourself and how you and the world interact with one another.

Mindfulness Articles

The only goal of mindfulness is to be fully present with what’s happening in the moment, including being centered on what’s happening to the reader themselves. Another way of saying this is: the only goal of mindfulness is to fully be yourself.